Monday, March 31, 2014

Ariana Notebook

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I wanted a notebook to have with me for taking notes and planning for my Close To My Heart workshops and projects.  I also wanted to make the neighbor kids a 'good luck at school' gift since they recently went from home schooling to public school.  A boring composition book and pen just were not going to do.  My project then became a paper covered composition book using the Ariana paper packet, some vinyl, ribbon, and the Close To My Heart Cricut collections.  Here is what I did, based on an Oh My Crafts blog project from August 2011.

Supplies from Close To My Heart:  Ariana B&T Duos Paper Packet (X7179B)
White Daisy Cardstock (1385)
Cricut Artbooking Collection (Z1906)
Cricut Art Philosophy Collection (Z1686)
(not pictured but recomended) Outdoor Denim Chevron Ribbon (Z1808)
(or Jute Ribbon Z1867, or Ruby Chevron Ribbon Z1846)
Bonding Memories Glue (1512)
(optional) Tombow Adhesive (1514)
Corner Rounder (Z1912)
Euro Personal Paper Trimmer (Z338) or Supercut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer (Z1783)

You will also use: a composition notebook
hot glue gun
pen or pencil
vinyl (in a coordinating color, pictured is tan but I used grey and brown)

  • Cut (2) Ariana B&T Duos Paper to 6 3/4" by 9 3/4" or to the size of the front and back covers of your notebook.  Round two corners on the same side of each page with the Corner Rounder.
  • Cut (1) piece of Ariana B&T Duos Paper to 1 1/2" by 6 3/4" 
I simply used the reverse side of the floral print which already coordinated perfectly.  For the boys, I used the Ariana grey with the reverse side of the floral paper.
  • Cut (1) piece of vinyl to 4 3/4" by 6 3/4"
  • Cut the vinyl using the Cricut Artbooking cartridge.  
To do this, place your vinyl lined up on the bottom left of the cutting mat (longer side vertical).  Move the blade to the top right corner of the vinyl, at 1 1/4" by 5 1/4" and press 'set cut area'.  For the 'CTMH' and 'Rhianna' books, I used the chevron overlay by putting the positive / normal image on one and the negative space on the other (no waste here!).  I cut using 'overlay' and 'fit to page' options, then 'shift' and '7'.  For the 'Grant' book, I used 'overlay' then 'shift' and 'G' at 11".
  • Cut your letters in the same vinyl.  I cut the 'CTMH' with Cricut Artbooking cartridge at 1" and 'Rhianna' with the same cartridge at 3/4".  'Grant' was cut with the Art Philosophy cartridge, because it was less girly, at 3/4"
  • Cut the White Daisy Cardstock to 2 1/2" by 4".  Round all four corners with the Corner Rounder.
  • Place the letters you cut on the White Daisy Cardstock
  • Cut two strips of coordinating ribbon to 6".  Adhere these to the front and back of the book using a hot glue gun and leaving enough room for a pen / pencil.  Make sure you have room to fit a larger pen so you aren't stuck with a smaller cheap one only.
  • Use the Bonding Memories Glue to adhere the largest pieces of paper to the front and back of your notebook, being careful to line up your top and right edges perfectly.  The bottom is better to trim if you need to.
  • Peel and stick your vinyl background on, then add your coordinating piece then white label with the Tombow Adhesive.
  • To add the border around the vinyl as I have done for the chevron and floral books, cut the zip strips off of your Ariana B&T Duos paper.  For the positive chevron image you will cut those into (2) 4 6/16" and (2) 6" pieces then adhere with Tombow Adhesive.  The negative chevron zip strip border was cut (2) 3" and (2) 6 3/4"
  • Stick your pen / pencil in the ribbon and you are set to tote a beautiful notebook with you everywhere
  • Optional finish: use contact paper over the front and back of your book to protect it from damage as you take your notebook in and out of bags.  Just leave the ribbon area open for that pen / pencil holder.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my project!  Please leave some love in the comments below. Now off to The Gypsy Chic blog to see what she has done with the Ariana paper.  I hope you have a great time on our hop and checking out all the creations using Ariana paper packet. If you get lost, just hop on over to Damask Divas Ariana Blog Hop list.


  1. The note books turned out Great!!!! So pretty!

  2. Love your notebook! Great instructions!

    1. Thanks for the love. I am glad the instructions are helpful!

  3. So cute! You are fab at writing directions too! :-)

    1. Thank you Hillary! I always worry that my directions are not going to be clear. It is good to get feedback.

  4. So creative, especially the "pen holder"!!! This would be fun to give to a hostess for having a party!! Very nice!!

  5. Great idea and I'm sure they will love these! How thoughtful are you? Great Job!!!! Loves-scrappinmadge