Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Kids Craft / Card

Today was a snow day, so no half day preschool. It was the kick in the butt I needed to get the kid's Valentine's Day "cards" made and ready to mail back to grandparents in the States.

I was inspired by a Pinterest post (of course), The saying on the back of the hand I found at another preschool website that had lots of cute Valentine's Day activity ideas,

What I used:

White Poster Board
Red Finger Paint
Paint Brush
Red Yarn

I painted one hand, stamped it on the poster board the number of "cards" I needed, then after a rinse at the sink, did the same with the other hand. Tips ~ have him / her spread their fingers a little, put their hand straight down, hold it in place as you press down each finger and the palm, paying special attention to the center of the palm, and pick hand straight up.

The poster board then moved to another room to dry on a flat surface while my son continued to finger paint for a little bit freestyle. After the hand prints dried, I cut around them. Put the saying on the back of one hand, and had him write his name. Then I took the yarn and held it up to him, hand to hand, as he stood like a letter 'T' in front of me. I made sure I had a little overlap to tape the yarn to the bottom of the hand. Cut, and used that piece to measure out the rest of the lengths of yarn that I needed. And wahlah! A hug to send to grandparents for Valentine's!

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